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For those of us who own older computers and want to upgrade the hard drive size to allow for more storage space as well as help out the overall memory caching. The first thing you need to find out is if the CMOS-BIOS Chip on your main board is up to date enough to see the size of the drive you are attempting to install. In order to find this out you need to have the following information. First, who is the manufacture of your main board? Second, you will need to know the model number of the main board and what version of CMOS-BIOS you currently have burnt into the chip. In order to find this out I would suggest you find your main board manual that should have been given to you by the retailer that built your system, but in some cases they do not always want you to have that information. Next would be to open the computers case and look for the manufactures name & model number etched into the board itself. If all else fails bring it in to your local computer store to have them do the research for you. Once you have that information you can go to the manufactures Web site to download a "BIOS Flash upgrade" for the exact model of board you have. Follow the instructions of the manufacture to the letter when you attempt this action on your own. If you make a mistake there may be no going back and a new main board will be your next new purchase. If you do not feel comfortable attempting this of course we suggest taking it to a professional computer store you trust,
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The bottom line is saving your old computer from becoming an old door stop and being able to use it a little longer before starting all over again. Plus for those of us on a tight budget it is a must that we keep our older equipment as up to date as possible until funds allow us to purchase the latest and greatest. If you have any question call us at (913) 438-KCPC (5272)

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Quick Tip #1
Make sure you run the Windows Update feature every few months. It will let you know what critical updates are available and if any new drivers are needed. This function is built in to Windows so check it out!!

Quick Tip #2
Living in today's crazy world of computing on the Internet requires more knowledge than ever before. New Viruses are being created faster than anyone ever imagined. So make sure you have an Anti-Virus program loaded and running on every computer and even more important make sure you update the virus definition files regularly. If you don't you may be in for the worst surprise of your computers life...Missing files, corrupted data or a complete loss of everything you have ever done on your computer. We suggest Command Anti Virus Available now!







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